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Five Step Prayer

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Five Step Prayer is a special formula for prayer that is at the heart of personal transformation in Centres for Spiritual Living.

It is simple and effective.

What we must remember, however, is that it is always done in the present tense with an affirmative statement.

For example:

For illness the affirmative statement would be – The truth about who I am is that I am total health in expression.

For a relationship – I am in my right and perfect relationship NOW. Or it could be, I attract my right and perfect relationship to me now.

What we don’t do is say, "I want a right and perfect relationship." The word want leaves us in a place of wanting.

The five steps of prayer are:

  1. Recognition - i.e. God/Spirit/The Universe - is all that is.
  2. Unification - i.e. I am one with God.
  3. Realization - I am perfect health expressing. (Or here, you place a positive affirmation of whatever length you choose.)
  4. Gratitude - Thank you God.
  5. Release - And so it is.

It is important to know that the greater you feel the connection with God, the Universe, the Creative Intelligence, the more powerful is your prayer. It is that emotional connection and passion that provides the power for manifestation.

If you want to learn more about this, check out our classes by connecting with Rev. Carrie at RevCarrie@cslvictoria.org.