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About Our Senior Minister Rev. Carrie Hunter

Rev. Carrie

People often stop Rev. Carrie on the street to say, "You look familiar. Aren't you that minister who prays?" It has been a source of amusement - but in fact, prayer is the centre of her life and she has a passion for using it and sharing affirmative prayer techniques with others.

She became a minister in 2004 and has been a practitioner since 1997. She was a staff minister at the White Rock Centre for Spiritual Living for a number of years and then founded her own work, The Agape Centre for Spiritual Living in Vancouver. Because of her “straight from the heart” services, she is sought after to do ceremonies - particularly weddings, celebrations of life and baby-blessings. She writes unique, personalized ceremonies for each one she does.

Carrie (as she prefers to be addressed) came to ministry after a long, successful career as a journalist, writer-producer in television, President of the Banff World Television Festival, and a strategic planning, marketing and development consultant. Her work has taken her around the world and back many times. Her clients have included the Vatican's official licensing agency, Illuminata Films; the United Nations as well as major film studios and non-profit agencies. In addition, she is an author and the editor of several books.

She has been a popular guest speaker in many churches/centres in Canada the U.S. and Europe. She teaches spiritual classes, personal growth workshops and is an established life coach.

Carrie also sends out daily prayers to individuals wanting an uplifting and thoughtful moment with which to start or end their day.

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees 2018
President Dwight Whitson
Vice President Irene Parkinson
Secretary Darlene Haynes
Treasurer Michael Cameron
Senior Minister Rev. Carrie Hunter
Member-at-Large Mary Mossman