Rev. Carrie Hunter - Senior Minister

Rev. Carrie Hunter

People often stop Rev. Carrie on the street to say, "You look familiar. Aren't you that minister who prays?" It has been a source of amusement - but in fact, prayer is the centre of her life and she has a passion for using it and sharing affirmative prayer techniques with others.

She became a minister in 2004 and has been a practitioner since 1997. She was a staff minister at the White Rock Centre for Spiritual Living for a number of years and then founded her own work, The Agape Centre for Spiritual Living in Vancouver. Because of her “straight from the heart” services, she is sought after to do ceremonies - particularly weddings, celebrations of life and baby-blessings. She writes unique, personalized ceremonies for each one she does.

Carrie (as she prefers to be addressed) came to ministry after a long, successful career as a journalist, writer-producer in television, President of the Banff World Television Festival, and a strategic planning, marketing and development consultant. Her work has taken her around the world and back many times. Her clients have included the Vatican's official licensing agency, Illuminata Films; the United Nations as well as major film studios and non-profit agencies. In addition, she is an author and the editor of several books.

She has been a popular guest speaker in many churches/centres in Canada the U.S. and Europe. She teaches spiritual classes, personal growth workshops and is an established life coach.

Carrie also sends out daily prayers to individuals wanting an uplifting and thoughtful moment with which to start or end their day.

Ceremonies by Rev. Carrie

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Rev. Carrie loves creating ceremonies and is sought after to do weddings for people of all cultures, faiths and sexual persuasions. She has done many ceremonies where couples come from vastly different faiths.

She writes a unique ceremony for each couple, after meeting with them (in person first and then by telephone and email as necessary) and providing them with questionnaires to fill out and return. If they live further away, that first interview is done by phone or Skype.

Her ceremonies range from being spiritual, to religious, to being totally non-religious, according to the couple's wishes. It's their day, and it is her wish to make that something that is reflective of their own personalities and personal wishes - and which is sensitive to their beliefs and values and something they will hold sacred in their memories.

Her ceremonies are light and romantic and completely non traditional (unless the couple prefers something else).

For more information, book an appointment with Carrie by emailing her at or telephone 250-655-1867.


We want to thank you SO VERY much for making our day so special. We could not have dreamed of anyone else marrying us, as you truly made it magical. The emotions were so strong and the beautifully written ceremony was perfect - we were very touched. People are still telling us how wonderful you were and how you truly captured "us". I have actually sent on your name to a few people who have asked for it - I hope that is OK?     Lise and Stu Grierson

All through the reception and in the past few days, all our friends and family say that ours was the most beautiful wedding ceremony they've ever experienced. Thank you SO much for making it so very personal and making our day so special.     Meaghan and David Bryan

Now that the dust has settled and we have returned from our idyllic honeymoon - back to the real world - we would both like to thank you for the wonderful ceremony. I had so many of my friends and family tell me that they could not stop the tears from falling! You did an amazing job! I also have been told that it was the "best" wedding ceremony, the most heartfelt and touching that they had ever attended. Thank you again for making mine and Brendan's day so special.     Brendan and Shannon Raftery

It's already a year later, I just have to let you know people our still talking about our Ceremony as one of the most romantic and beautiful wedding ceremonies they have ever attended! We agree!     Lisa and Paul Viau

I can't believe the wedding day has come and gone. It was a great day, we had everything we could ever ask for. The ceremony was amazing. It was fun and very romantic at the same time. Many of our guests told us that it was the best ceremony they have ever been a part of. I can't believe how easily the Canadian and Persian traditions were combined to make it our ceremony. THANK YOU for all your help and hard work. You did an amazing job and we are both very grateful to have had you on the most important day our lives so far.     Hanifa and Trevor Roald

Thank you so much for our wedding ceremony. It was everything we ever wanted and more. You sincerity and calm demeanor really helped us enjoy our moment. It felt like we were with you for a split second. It felt like a dream. We had so many compliments about the ceremony. Many people asked us how long you have known us and if you were a family member or a friend. Many others told us they thought it was the best, most sincere, heartfelt and personalized ceremony they had ever been to. I just couldn't believe that you felt so strongly that you were crying!!! I could understand me sniffling as I said my vows and Jason not being willing to look directly at me, but I was so surprised to see you with tears coming down your face. That will be a moment that will stay with me forever.     Bonnie and Jason Hopkins

Memorial/Celebration of Life Services

Rev.Carrie considers the celebration of one's life as they pass on to be a time when family and friends come together to honour and celebrate the life of their loved one. As with all her ceremonies, she writes a distinctly different service for each person, interviewing family and friends to tell the story of the person who has passed away. It is always an uplifting, inspirational and deeply personal ceremony that unites everyone in a loving, heart-felt way.

"My mother died suddenly in a car accident. She was a healthy and vibrant woman so it came as a total shock. I was in a deep grieving state when Rev. Carrie Hunter took the time to interview my siblings and friends of my mother for her memorial service. As we stood together outside on the Pier in West Vancouver it was a huge comfort for me to hear Carrie's words, remembering my mother from the various perspectives of her loved ones. Carrie really got the essence of my mother and it made it easier to let her go, knowing she's still with us in spirit and was a very loved and inspiring human. Carrie turned tragedy into a beautiful and memorable occasion, never to be forgotten. Thank you Carrie."

Christenings/Baby Blessings

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Christenings, welcoming new babies into the world, bringing children into spiritual community are ceremonies Rev. Carrie loves to perform.

She personalizes each ceremony and involves the children in a way that they will remember forever. Contact: or phone 250-655-1867.


Rev. Carrie is available for home and office blessings and for public functions. Her flexibility, humour and great heart are skills that take her into multi-faceted activities. For further information, contact Rev. Carrie at or 250-655-1867.

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