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January 24, 2021 - Creating Your Good
Rev. Joanna Drewry continues with this month's summary of the main tenets of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes by focusing on our thoughts. Sprinkled with several thoughtful and thought-provoking quotes by Holmes and others throughout, Rev. Joanna reminds us that we create our good through our thinking, that we are always at choice as to what we can and do think, and like Louise Hay was quoted as saying "when you are attuned to your connection and in the flow of giving and receiving, the Universe takes care of everything else." And that's just for starters ...!

Closed until February 15th pending further information from Dr. Bonnie Henry.

Rev. Carrie's talks will be available via Zoom every Sunday. And they will be available here on the website as well.

A Week of Affirmations - January 10 - 17, 2021
by Rev. Joanna Drewry

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  1. You are spiritual - not religious.
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  3. You are done with superstition and dogma.
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  6. Your therapist told you to "find some place."
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  10. You are ready to gain mastery over your own life.