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New Thought Movement

This philosophy is a culmination of ancient wisdom and new thought ideas. The basic premise of this teaching is that we are connected with everything around us - that God, or Spirit is the interconnectedness of all life. We believe that this presence and power is within us and that we can tap into it. We recognize the creative power of our thoughts and our beliefs, so we know that spiritual living is an ongoing practice of dispelling the beliefs that hold us apart from the life that we want to live and clarifying our vision for the life we want.

We also know that as our consciousness expands and our lives improve, the world around us is made better as well. As we create light, love, peace, power, beauty, and joy in our own lives there is a ripple effect out into the rest of the world. A life of magnificence is our birthright and we can remove the blocks that keep us apart from our natural state of wellbeing. There are spiritual tools that can be used in all areas of our lives - our physical health, our loving relationships, our creative expression, and even in our financial situation.

Sometimes referred to as Science of Mind or Religious Science, this is a teaching that is open at the top. This means that as we evolve and greater wisdom is discovered, we expand our understanding to encompass new ideas.

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VISION: Creating a world where love, peace, and goodwill prevail.
MISSION: Transforming lives by teaching practical spirituality.


  1. Alignment with Universal Spirit
  2. Embracing New Thought Principles
  3. Ever-Evolving Spiritual Awareness
  4. Intentional Living
  5. Practicing Affirmative Prayer